Vegan Halloween Fundraising Mixer!!!

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Join us for a fun adults only vegan Halloween fundraising mixer at a cool Arts District bar! That’s code for partying for a good cause…costumes are optional!

ALL FUNDS RAISED FOR THIS EVENT WILL BE GOING TO HEARTS ALIVE VILLAGE. They are a local rescue group that saves hundreds of cats and dogs every single year! Mindy has fostered for them for YEARS!

Tickets to join in on the fun will be $15!

There will be PLATTERS AND PLATTERS of yummy vegan food from many many local vegan restaurants and businesses! This list will be expanding as we get closer to the event!

The Modern Vegan
Vegan Meals by Mindy
SoHo Sushi Burrito
Pancho’s Vegan Tacos
Chef Kenny’s
Vegan Babe Bakery
Go Vegan Cafe
No Butcher
Amber’s Smoked Vegan
Virgin Cheese
Prete’s Treats
Little Batty Bakery

We will be doing a couple RAFFLE DRAWINGS for some badass gift baskets that you’ll actually want! 🙂

***And we’ll be doing a COSTUME CONTEST – the categories will be FRUITS & VEGETABLES AND CATS & DOGS!!! There will be a prize for the best costume!!!!

Get your ticket now:
Hope to see you there!



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