Vegan Meals Client Reviews

  • "OMG!!!! That black bean burger.... was better than sex! I LOVED IT!!!!"

    Cheryl, Vegan Meals Client

  • "That's the best tasting soup sandwich combo I've ever had! Amazing flavors!"

    Kenneth, Vegan Meals Client

  • "Your prices are very reasonable. I would get 2 meals out of one Mindy meal because they are generous in portions and so full of nutrients that it would fill me up for a long time. You are an awesome cook and worth every penny. Eating healthy also saves you money in healthcare costs down the road. Keep up the good work Mindy!"

    Paula, Vegan Meals Client

  • "Your food is like art!"

    Corey, Vegan Meals Client

  • "The zucchini pasta dish is sooooooooooooo yummy!!!"

    Tina, Vegan Meals Client

  • "I'm not vegan and LOVE Vegan Meals by Mindy!!"

    Stephanie, Vegan Meals Client

  • "The food is great! Very healthy, fresh, and well prepared. I'll have to spread the word."

    Will, Vegan Meals Client

  • "I would recommend her meals!!! They are the BEST!!!! Price are more than reasonable!"

    Nora, Vegan Meals Client

  • "Hi I'm Stephanie Woody- I've supported Vegan Meals by Mindy pretty much since she has started her business and I'm not Vegan. My husband travels a lot and I get Mindy's food for dinner and lunch and love it. I would highly reccomend her food. It's the bomb!"

    Stephanie Woody, Vegan Meals Client

Plant Powered Apparel Reviews

  • "Loving my Plant Powered tshirt! It fits great and is SO soft!"

    Prisha, Plant Powered Apparel Clothing Client

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